Spies vs Villains

Saturday Octber 1st

Spies vs Villains

Saturday October 1st, 7.30pm to 10.30pm
$149 per person


It is the event of the year, and YOU have been invited. A reclusive billionaire humanitarian is hosting a lavish event at which she will purportedly unveil a remarkable new discovery that will change the way the world is fed, and could be the solution to ending world hunger. But all is not what it seems – you have spent your career in the world of global espionage, and as you survey the room, you recognize pretty much everyone who is anyone in the world of international intrigue – BOTH spies AND villains (though you sometimes think the line between them is pretty blurred...). Your senses tell you there is a major scandal unfolding, with global implications and billions of dollars at play, and perhaps even access to unmatched power. You quickly team up with the only three people in the room you trust, and determine how you are going to manage the situation to ensure you come out on top. But first, you are going to have to determine which side you are on! And of course enjoy some fabulous food and drink.


  • Three courses of dining provided by a Canmore culinary team led by Executive Chef Dallas Suttie and Head Chef Darcy Price.
  • Two spy-themed cocktails per person plus one bottle of wine per team of 4 players.
  • Participation in our Spies vs. Villains event in a team of 4 players (we will join you with like-minded players if you do not have a full team).
  • Prizes in numerous categories for various challenges throughout the evening, and WE PROMISE there is no acting or public speaking required!.


  • You will require at least one charged smartphone per team for the event.
  • DRESS CODE: Come dressed as you wish, but if you are feeling fun, we’d love to see you dressed in character as a spy or villain.
  • There will be ADDITIONAL PRIZES for best Spy and Best Villain costumes.
  • Cash bar for additional drinks

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