Uncorked Murder Mystery

Sunday Octber 2nd

Uncorked Murder Mystery

Sunday October 2nd, 7pm to 10pm
$149 per person


You have been invited to a celebration of life for an old acquaintance who was sadly lost recently in a bizarre accident. In truth, it was not someone with whom you were particularly close, but you surprisingly received an invitation, and when you saw who was doing the catering you simply couldn’t resist going along to ‘pay your respects.’ But things start to seem strange the moment you arrive. Some of the guests appear to be being interviewed by police on arrival. Even more bizarrely, the celebration of life begins with the reading of the will – you have never seen this happen before. And from here, the evening only ends up getting stranger! It is a good job that the food is as amazing as advertised, because suddenly you are surrounded by suspects in a murder – and it has become YOUR job to solve it!


  • Three courses of dining provided by a Canmore culinary team led by Executive Chef Dallas Suttie and Head Chef Darcy Price.
  • Two pre-dinner drinks per person plus one bottle of wine per team of 4 players.
  • Participation in our Murder Mystery event in a team of 4 players (we will join you with like-minded players if you do not have a full team).
  • Prizes in numerous categories for various challenges throughout the evening, with NO acting or public speaking required!


  • You will require one or more devices that give you access to the internet (phones, tablets, computers all OK). Free wifi is available at the venue.
  • DRESS CODE: We invite you to come dressed as you wish, remembering of course that you are supposedly attending a celebration of life!
  • Cash bar for additional drinks

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