Murrieta's Mountain Bar & Grill

Murrieta's Mountain Bar & Grill

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Our Story

Murrieta's Bar & Grill is in the heart of downtown Canmore, where you can expect a warm and comfortable dining experience. Our menu offers an array of selections, each hand-crafted using fresh, quality ingredients. Careful thought and consideration have gone into every part of what we do here at Murrieta's. From the selection of steaks, cocktail creations, and signature wine list we want to ensure your visit is memorable. We look forward to hosting you.


Feature pasta + glass of wine $25.

Enjoy our feature pasta, a Bison Short Rib Ragu with your choice of a glass of red or white wine.


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The offer will be available for purchase here during the festival dates (April 8th-22nd 2021), and enjoyed at any point in the future when you are comfortable visiting Canmore.

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